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Sparkling Water, Shining Sands...

As we splash into Spring, down on the beach the mornings are full of the almost-forgotten joy of paddling!! The dog and I wake at first light (thankfully not too early yet, still around 6am... later on it'll start getting light at 4.30 but even sunrise lovers can't do that everyday...) Off we slip down to the beach and run about on the still mostly deserted sands. The sky is many shades of soft grey, not yet the full on blues that come later in the day and season, but I love those soft greys, and the wet sands and shallow ripples truly sparkle like diamond dust scattered by magical mermaids as the tide pulled back out to sea... Oops, a little too much sea poetry there! But it is a magical and wonderful feeling of being in a glorious world of beauty and mystery... who wouldn't want to paint that!!


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